Exchange 2003 receiving mail problem - domain.domain.tld instead of domain.tld

I've brought our new Exchange server online and outbound mail is fine.

Telnet on port 25 is fine and our mail host can successfully send in, but only by using

So, somehow, somewhere, I have a problem where our domain name is listed twice.

Having sent out test messaged I can also see that the message header contains this same reference.

I've also tested it from a remote location and had a "No valid recipient" and "unable to relay for..." message, when using our standard addresses.

Where do I look, and how can I fix it ?

This is urgent, and I'm starting to get a bit twitchy about it.

Any and all help VERY gratefully received.
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bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open Exchange System Manager and go to the following; Recipients->Recipient Policies.  Select the properties of the Default Policy.  Click on the Email Addresses tab.  Make sure your domain is entered properly and "Set as Primary".
Not certain if it is ur Exchange setup or your records. Most probably the former. Go to and run the DNS Report tool.

If you have entered the mail domain inaccurately on the server, you should be able to correct it quickly.
CopyleftAuthor Commented:
You're a star ;o)

Heaving huge sighs of reliefe as I type....

Many thanks.
Glad you got it working.
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