Text encoding problem - asp.net 3.5

Dear all,
I have a page written in asp.net 3.5
The page display language is Hebrew.

The page is divided into TWO tables (side by side).
I also have a simple panel control at the TOP of the page - just above everything else.

My problem is,
that the right table shows text OK.
But, the right table's text is unreadable.

My page encoding is set to windows-1255.
When I removed the panel, everything worked well.
I then added the panel back again - and the text is unreadable again.

what can cause this problem and how can I resolve it?
I suspect this is somehow because of the Panel control at the top of the page.

* All fonts are the same - both right and left tables.
* My css files does not contain any font settings

Please help me out!!
Many thanks in advance,
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Göran AnderssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the page in Firefox also, to determine if it's a browser specific problem.

Do you have a link to the page, or could you post the first part of the generated html code (view source) so we can check out if the html code looks correct.
nahumbaAuthor Commented:
GreenGhost, I found the problem - it was in the globalization settings of the web.config file.
It is now fixed (working both firefox and IE)

Many thanks!
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