Copying text box from Powerpoint 2007 to Word 2007 pastes as picture and not as editable text box

Hi there - in previous versions of PowerPoint I could select a text box in PowerPoint and then copy and paste it into Word and it stayed in its original format and I could edit the text.

When I do this between 2007 versions of Word and PowerPoint, the text box pastes as a 'picture' - even when I use Paste Special and say 'paste as a graphic object'.

Is there any way around this as I have complicated flow diagrams created in PowerPoint 2007 that I would like to transfer to Word 2007 but leave them open to editing in the future.

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dlc110161Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Word does not have the same graphics options that PowerPoint does. (IEscher 2 graphics). When you paste from PowerPoint to Word it becomes a Microsoft Office Graphic Object. However, if you use Paste, Paste Special, and choose "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)", then you should be able to right click on it and choose to Edit the picture.

Another option for you is to select only the text inside the textbox and then paste it into the Word document. The text then can be fully integrated into your Word document.

I hope that helps you somewhat.

Dawn Crosier
Word MVP
<<a graphic object>> is a picture. What other options are available? Something like unformatted text would be good.

Chris B
bokho1Author Commented:
Hi Chris - sorry about my confusion related to <<a graphic object>> - I had assumed that a text box in PowerPoint was a graphic object - so I've already learnt something there!

When I paste special a text box from PowerPoint 2007 into Word 2007, the options that I have available in Word are:
Picture (Windows Metafile)
Picture (Enhanced Metafile)
Picture (GIF)
Picture (PNG)
Picture (JPEG)
Microsoft Office Graphic Object

There doesn't seem to be anything in the options that implies that I can paste it in its original form (ie as a text box).

I am running PowerPoint in compatibilty mode and the file is saved as PowerPoint 2000-2003 because my colleagues don't have Office 2007.  Not sure whether that has anything to do with it?

bokho1Author Commented:
Thank you very much for the explanation and solution - although not 100% perfect (the text from one text box gets split into multiple text boxes when I use "Edit the picture" in Word 2007) - I am happy that this is the best available solution.

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