slectsinglenode() passing query

I am trying to use slectsinglenode to get a specific node I know he tree for it. Say /svg/path/path
and I know the index of svg item(0), path item(1) and path ite(0).

I have tried selectsinglenode("/svg[0]/path[1]/path[0]") did not work. Can you help me
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elgadaaAuthor Commented:
May be I have not explained what I need clearly. I have converted the XML file to a database and I am doing some code to re-export it back to XML. In the database I do record the Tree branches of the node. Say my node is /svc/path/rect. I know also that path is the  child  index (0) of svc. and rect is the child index (1) of path. The way I assumed to locate the node using selectSingleNode, selectSingleNode(/svc[0]/path[1]). I got the return node as nothing. So I need some help to correct the query to point to the right node.
elgadaaAuthor Commented:
I have found the solution:
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