Can't delete private appointment

On shared calendar (exchange mailbox) user accidentally added private appointment. Now, she cant delete it or even select it. I tried to logon to computer as user that is in fact a calendar and I cant even see that appointment. How can I delete this entry? Any suggestions?
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ToddDOTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the same problem with a user myself.   She was the owner of a resource calendar and when marking an appointment private, she was unable to access or delete it.  I can access and delete the private appointment by opening the whole mailbox myself since I have "full mailbox access" rights but not by just opening the calendar folder.  

I opened the whole mailbox, in Outlook, I went to tools\options\delegates and added this user there and checked "Delegate can see my private items".  I did not check any of the meeting request options since that was not needed.  This user was able to access these private appointments after restarting her Outlook.
Make sure you have admin rights on that mailbox, open it and delete the private calendar item.
mmuzaAuthor Commented:
User has rigths on that calendar (owner). I'm not sure what do you mean by admin rights?
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Hi - did you solve this one?  

If you are the Exchange Admin, you will be able to get to that appointment and either uncheck the Private checkbox, or delete it.

If you are not the Exchange Admin, then you'll need to talk to that person.  
mmuzaAuthor Commented:
sorry for delay. that solved my problem. thnx.
I checked my authorizations and I'm Domain admin and Exchange organization administrator, and I can't still delete any calendar task. Always the same problem.

Assign yourself full access rights.

Open outlook owa and open users mailbox and delete from within owa.

so much easier than creating a new profile!

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