win98 problem

hi dera expert
i have some software about thaift vhical recorde software, its running in win98, but when i try to convert in other win, these software nt run. i wan't to run these software in new window, and in XP,
please give me a saggsion about that
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Hi andee
You have set your "Time Zone" to "Pacific Standard Time" which is USA.  You are in Pakistan, aren't you?  It will help others if you change this, so that they can see that English is not your main language.

From what I can understand, you are a Police Officer, and you have some software program that keeps records of stolen motor vehicles, and it runs OK in Windows 98.

You say that you would like to run it in Windows XP, but that it will not work.

Windows XP can allow some programs to run in "Compatibility Mode":

Can you perhaps tell us what the program is like?
I mean, is it an old DOS (black screen - white text) mode program, or is it a Database program taken from an old version of Microsoft Office, Lotus Smartsuite, or some other Office program?

Try the compatibility mode first and see if it helps.
I am sorry, but please confirm what kind of software are you looking for?

Hi Zee, I think it's kind of 007 stuff :-)

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Hi Bill,

I confess... didn't check.

andee123Author Commented:
yes this is an old version of DOS and like a ADIT programming software,
these are not run in XP also we are trying of lot of time,,,,,,,
ADIT like database programm. and not accept the online permssion also, we wan't to make them online for the best result

Sorry for the delay in returning here.  When you say that the program does not run in Windows XP, could you please explain what happens when you try to run it.
Does it show an error message, and if so what does that tell you?

You refer to a database program named ADIT, but I cannot find such a program that would seem to be in any way useful to you, or similar to your stolen vehicle program, using an Internet search.  The search is complicated by the fact that "Adit" is a common Indian and Pakistani name, it also seems to be a place in Pakistan or India, and the letters are used for an IT qualification in that part of the world (Advanced Diploma in Information Technology).

If you could point us to the web page for that software program, perhaps we could get a better idea of what type of software you are referring to.

I am not sure if you wish to make a web tool for members of the public to search your database of stolen vehicles over an Internet connection when you refer to "online permissions", OR if you are referring to other workstations on your INTRAnet (internal network) being able to run the program from their workstation to read and/or write to the database.

To make a program available to other users logged on in a network, the program would have to be on one of your Servers, that drive would have to be mapped by the workstations needing access to it, and the people needing access would have to be granted permission to use that drive and program.  There are a number of other ways to make shared databases with full search capabilities, but it is too much to go into here.

Allowing members of the public to visit your website over the INTERnet and run a program on your server takes a fair amount of website development knowledge or a good program to make it easier.  If you want to learn more about this, search for and read up about ASP, PHP, SQL.

Search for "web databases".

The actual DATABASE can be uploaded to a normal website in a number of different formats that would be allowed by Internet Browsers, eg. by publishing a Microsoft Access database as a "web".

A database is really nothing more than a collection of data split by commas or in some similar way so that the proper program can search for and fetch the data, and arrange it into a logical table layout.  The database(s) generated by your DOS program might be fairly standard, and able to be converted into other formats acceptable by a number of database programs that run in Windows.

For example, you can IMPORT data like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a Microsoft Access database.

What is the file extension of the databases created by your DOS-based program?  Example, Microsoft Access is *.mdb

There are still a lot of old database and database programs and database conversion tools around for use in DOS.  If we know what file extensions your program creates, maybe we can advise you how to convert it all to a format that works with programs that run in Windows XP.

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andee123Author Commented:
thanks billdl you are realy giver me a good selotion i am now applying in my database programm, i really thanksfull to you about that, if you give me an other awnser, it will be a great marcy for me
You are welcome andee.
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