Server maintenance check list

What I am looking for is some tips on making a server maintenance check list. Basically I am making a recurring schedule to check our servers for any problems on a monthly basis.
Here are some of the things I have come up with so far:
Hard drive space
Event log check
Virus definitions and scan - it is scheduled I just like to make sure it is doing it
Windows update - also scheduled so just checking
Back up schedule check.
Bios / Rom / Firmware updates
Microsoft hot fixes & patches, and not just for windows O/S, i.e. Exchange 2003 Service packs etc
Hardware driver updates (i.e. raid controllers, LAN Cards, etc)
What else do you think should be included in the list?
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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
User Disk Quotas
UPS Connectivity (If you have an APC, they have some cool little graphs u can have a look at :) )
Keep a List of Printers and their Paths
Same with File Shares (these two can help in an event of a disaster, as you can re-share your printers and folders with the correct paths)

Another thing you may be able to do, or perhaps may not be possible, is check your backups are working fine by restoring set data from a tape from time to time to see if it's coming down OK. Many people don't check their backup data is 100% and can be in a bit of a pickle when a disaster happens.

Also, as you check your disk usage, it may be worth noting it down on a per month basis, which can help you know when approximately, you may run out of disk space, therefore you'll know when you will need to purchase new disks and you can add this to your budget requirements.
WLMNAuthor Commented:
What I'd like to see is a maintenance/systems check break down based on periods of time (day, week, month, year) to show a schedule as to when things should be done.
There is no written answer for these kind of things.
It's totally up to you when you feel you have time to do these checks. I guess you could simply add your own column to each of these and include a time check interval, but once again, its totally up to you.
E.g. i check backups every day, hard disk usage once a month. But depending on how much data goes on your drives, i couldnt tell you how often you should check yours. This is something you should spend some time and get it to suit your needs.
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