No log out put is writteng on /var/log/yum.log

I have a problem on my two linux Mrepo clients when updating them with yum update nothing happens to the log file /var/log/yum.log nothing gets written. I also checked the Mrepo local repository server and no logs corresponding to my two clients get written in the /var/log/mrepo.log .

I have specified the directory where the logs should be written check below:

[root@silverfir ~]# cat /etc/yum.conf

Will you kindly advise where no logs are getting written when yum update is executed.


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The yum.log file only contains installations/updates, it doesn't (why, I don't know) log anything else.  You'd think with a debuglevel=10 you'd get more in the log... but you don't.

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LinuxDukeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking time to respond I was sick.
To get back to action my yum.log on my clients does not even contain logs for installations/updates.
Where can I look as it logs nothing at all after running yum check-update and yum update.

LinuxDukeAuthor Commented:
Any Idea regarding yum.log not logging anything under /var/log/yum.log.
LinuxDukeAuthor Commented:
After managing to install one of my clients with out any dependencies, I have to agree with arrkerr1024 responce. Yum.log only updates the log when it installs or updates packages.
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