Problem with CFFORM Flash and Safari Browser???

My flash cfform is working fine in all browsers except for Safari on the PC (I have not been able to test on a Mac, but I will assume for now that it would be the same)...  It seems that when I submit, it is kind of like in an iframe or its own little thing and will not submit correctly.  Its a very basic form, but if someone sees something wrong here, please let me know or if there are any tips on making these types of forms work better.

<cfform format="flash" method="post" width="500" height="400" skin="haloblue" action="#request.base_relative_url#index.cfm?method=#attributes.method#&business_id=#Val(attributes.business_id)#" enctype="multipart/form-data">
            <cfinput type="hidden" name="business_id" value="#URL.business_id#">
                  <cfformgroup type="Panel" label="Rate this Business & Write a Review">
                   <cfformgroup type="horizontal" label="Choose A Rating">
                        <cfinput name="rate" type="radio" label="5" value="5" required="yes" message="Please Select Your Rating" />
                        <cfinput name="rate" type="radio" label="4" value="4" required="yes" message="Please Select Your Rating" />
                        <cfinput name="rate" type="radio" label="2" value="3" required="yes" message="Please Select Your Rating" />
                        <cfinput name="rate" type="radio" label="2" value="2" required="yes" message="Please Select Your Rating" />
                        <cfinput name="rate" type="radio" label="1" value="1" required="yes" message="Please Select Your Rating" />
                  <cfformgroup type="horizontal" label="Type Review">
                    <cftextarea name="comment" required="yes" message="Please Enter Your Review"></cftextarea>
                  <cfformgroup type="horizontal">
                        <cfinput type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit Review" />
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I am very sure that there is not problem with your code its only the behavior of flash forms in safari is the problem .

safari has problems like
In the Safari browser, the ColdFusion AJAX Rich Text Editor is not supported.
FCKeditor as shipped with CF8 doesnt work with Safari.

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I agree with srikanthmadishetti that its not related to your code - this most likely an issue with Safari and your flash player.

Please note that the problems with AJAX functions of FCKEditor and this problem with flash forms are not related.  The problem with FCKEditor is purely down to bugs in the version of FCKEditor used in ColdFusion 8 and can be resolved by updating the contents of /cfide/scripts/ajax/FCKEditor.

Safari on PC is Beta software. I wouldn't expect anything from it, or waste any time debugging for it.
jeffmaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback.. I won't pay much attention to it at this point then.
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