which notebook system is best suitable for graphic work (photoshop, illustrator etc)


we are planning to buy a new notebook for mainly graphical work. By that i mean, The adobe Creative Suite CS2 and maybe later Adobe CS3 suite.
The notebook has to be almost as good as a desktop replacement pc.

we are hesitating between the Toshiba X200-21R and the HP 8710W.

weight, size, battery life, price do NOT influence our opinion, we are looking for performance, accurate color display (without extensive calibration) best system to work on for hours on end, and be "future-proof" for 3-4 years before replacement.

i included the spec sheets of both the notebook pc's we are looking at.

Can you experts please make suggestions about which is more suitable ?

Also, we have never owned both laptop brands, are they any good ? Reviews of the HP 8710w seem promising, but there's not much to find on the Toshiba X200-21R.

only Acer, HP, Toshiba are optional, we do NOT want DELL because we have better prices for the other brands (supllier we often work with)

Also, the Toshiba has 2 video cards in SLI-mode.  is adobe capable of using the maximum of combined video cards ?

Thanks !
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mostpeople in the grsphics and printing industry that i know use macs because they are "great at it" apparently
ggc2Author Commented:
i know, but from my experience. most of my co-workers and myself included are grown up using windows pc's and have years of experience at it, so they work more efficiently at a windows machine, even with the occasional freezes and errors.  

besides the notebook has to run several other official applications bought for the windows platform, so that would mean having to buy other software as well.

personally, i think its very frustrating to sit a MAC and feel like a complete newbie at using a computer. nothing is in the same place, everything is named differently.... aargh

sorry, i agree that MAC computers our top of the line, due to CRISC instruction sets at processor level, but MAC is not an option for reasons above.  
thats fine ive never i have used a mac either i just know people who swear by them and I wouls consider it if i required that sort of machiine.
what I woiuld say about your other options

Stay away from acer there build quality " in my opnion" is not as good as some others also I have met people that work at the repair centre in the UK and they were not very complementary about the ethics and work quality of acer, also lateley toshiba have not been as good as say 7 years ago when they made great resiliant laptops, I would lean toward the HP as long as the cost for the spec you require is within budget and will meet you requirements. hp customer service is good aswell in my opinion.
MAC is of course better.

In your case I will say, both specs is not far from each other so i will say either of the 2 will not have noticeable performance difference.

I personally focus on the following
-offers drivers for winXP in case you decide to downgrade because vista graphics might eat up the memory and you might not find it useful in that sense
-dedicated Video memory
-max the memory capacity


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