DNS Problem with ISA Server

I had to change the machine for my ISA Server. I have saved the config from the previous machine and reload it in the new one. The server is named exactly like the old one. Only thing changed is the IP adress.

All servers and clients are now pointing to this one. Everything is working fine but I have a tiny little problem.

Some Web sites I was publishing are not working. I have tested and it seems that ISA is not having the good IP adress of the server it's trying to pass the client to.

Example: In the TO tab of property of my publishing policy, I have my server named "mail.company.com", it supposer to be relaying to IP adress and when I test it, it's relaying to my external IP address. It cannot find my server.

I don't know what is wrong cause nothing else, beside ISA server IP adress, has changed. Every config seems ok to me. The DNS server gives good adress if I ping from another server than ISA.

Can I get help with that? Thanks
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dranizzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Only way I found out to resolve this issue is removing the DNS adress from the Externap Network interface.

So it's working for now.
Just had a similar problem after moving an Exchange server. ISA uses machine names to setup some of the rules and I had to go into the rules and delete the machine name from the rule and re-add it. After doing so, some of my websites still didn't work. After a lot of investigating, i went back and re-checked the properties for the webserver in the rules by right clicking the machine name and for some reason ISA was keeping the old IP addresses. After manually changing these, everything worked. Hope this helps!
dranizzAuthor Commented:
How did you change it? Cause in my publishing rules, ISA have the server name, not the IP adress. And the names and IP adress of the web server are the same as ever.

The only thing that changed is the IP adress of the ISA server itself.

It's like when I ping some servers, I get the external IP adress, not the internal IP of those servers.
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