transferring files to and from server very very slow

we have one windows server 2003 on our domain.  when transferring files to and from the server it takes a very long time.  when i mean it takes a long time, if i try tranferring a file like 40KB it could take at least 10 mintues.

there is not very many users connected to the server at any stage.  we do host one internet website on the server but surely this static site isnt killing it?  There isnt much software installed on it either.

What could be causing the slowness?  Please advise.
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Possibly duplex mismatch?  Check to make sure that your server and network device are set to the same duplex mode.
Like said about most likely a physical issue. Check the duplex setting, the network cable and maybe even the switch.
Check the connection of the server to see if it's connected at 100MBPS. If it's not what it supposed to be, it could be a negotiation issue.

Check that your clients are pointing to the correct DNS server. Eg your server should be running DNS, so open up your TCP/IP Properties of your Ethernet Card and make sure that the client is pointing to your Server IP address.

You can download an application called 'dumeter' with a trial and if you run this on a client, you can see the speeds of the downloads coming from the server. This may help in the diagnostic.

Please paste your ipconfig here:
Start > run > cmd > ipconfig

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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
>>Possibly duplex mismatch?  Check to make sure that your server and network device are set to the same duplex

how do i check this?  The network card shows up as:

100 MBPS and full duplex.  Ive taken a few screen shot to help you guys out tho:

On the Speed tab, change it to Auto-negotiate best speed.  If that doesn't help, try moving the cable to a different port on the switch.

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ellandrdAuthor Commented:
OK i changed it to auto negotiate best speed.  not sure how long it will take until i see a difference.  i just copied 4 more small files (less and 100KB) and it took some time to transfer to the server.

i will wait and see - give it a while and if still no increase i will change the cable to another free port on the switch.
The switch may be having issues. Give it a power cycle at your convenience. How long has this been happening?
Has someone added something to the network? Perhaps a network cable plugged into the switch from one port to the other causing problems?
what are your pings like from client/server?
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
>>The switch may be having issues. Give it a power cycle at your convenience. How long has this been happening?

i think its been happening for a while but nobody has bothered to do anything about it until we had to move a large volume of archive files from another server to this W2K3 server.  like i said it sitn used very much in the past so it didnt really get much attention...

>>what are your pings like from client/server?

i get 4 send and 4 received.  how else can i test it?
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
ok i just tried to transfer a file (1.9GB) and it took just over 15 minutes - i think changing to auto negotiate best speed done the trick....
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