Can the XP Pagefile.sys be assigned to a usb key?

I have a spare 2GB USB2 key kicking about redundant and was wondered whether it is possible to assign the XP professional pagefile.sys on my PC, to the 2Gb USB2 key and whether I'd see any performance increase throughout XP?
 I would have thought that the key would be faster than hard-drive access but, need clarification on this..
System Specs:Asus A7N8X dual channel motherboard with 512mb crucial DDR PC3200 memory in both channels (1Gb total) pushed by an AMD XP 3.2 (Barton) CPU and a 80Gb Maxtor Hard-drive (7000rpm) UDMA 133 with 8mb cache.
Any info appreciated
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Data transfer is much faster on HDD leave it where it is !
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
Hi DJRoster,

Technicaly you could do that, but it would be slower and flash drives are not intetnded for constatnt read/write operations.


Risky business.  Flash memory is limited in the number of erase/write cycles you can perform to it.  (This, btw, is also why I think were not quite ready for laptops with flash-as-harddrive scenarios.)  Also, if you happen to disconnect the flash drive while in use you will get errors.  It can be done though...  I'm not sure if any speed increase you see would be worth the risks.

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Don't do this - there is no benefit to it - and the problem being - when Windows boots - it uses the pagefile - usb drives are not mapped to letters until the OS has finished booting - this will result in errors - I have tried it in the past - as hlarse indicates - there is no speed increase.
DJRosterAuthor Commented:
I am satisfied with the general consensus that this would not be a viable option for my system or any system in fact.
DJRosterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance guys, Appreciated!
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