opengl window with panels and buttons

I have created openGL  window using GLUT in VC++ console win32 application, but I want to add panel and push buttons to it........ I have read about GLUI there any other way to solve problem...for example QT buttons

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ikeworkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> I want to add panel and push buttons

have a look at the examples shipped with the library .. particulary look at example5.cpp. there is a checkbox added to the panel. the same with a button should be something like the attached code below

>> for example QT buttons

you can use qt, but why did you choose GLUI then, it is excactly for that purpose?


  GLUI_Panel *obj_panel;
  // add panel
  obj_panel = glui->add_rollout( "Properties", false );
  // add button to panel
  GLUI_Button *button;
  button = glui->add_button_to_panel( obj_panel, "Wireframe" );

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jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
I have to rethink about what to use..... whether QT or GLUI.....
which is best to create 3D graphics whether QT or GLUI
mean while now we want to use WPF in C#....
>> which is best to create 3D graphics whether QT or GLUI

well .. you dont create 3D graphics with the GUI-toolkit, you create it with opengl or directx.
so the gui toolkit does not matter .. choose the one you like most ..
Qt has a good OpenGL-integration and it is a multiplatform-library .. so you can run your code on linux, windows, mac .. but i guess GLUI is as well ..
but on the other hand qt became very big .. but that depends on your project. if you have a lot of gui, qt might help you a lot, since it has a gui-designer, where you can make the layout for your windows in a wysiwyg-like application, then it gets exported in xml and you load it very easy at runtime ..

what sort of application are you developing .. a demo .. a commercial application?

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jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
displaying 3D pipes from the database
a lot of defferent windows or just one main-window?

a lot of different GUI-windows or just one GUI-window?
jsbsudhaAuthor Commented:
just a openGL window and a panel inside the window contains some buttons ,textboxes ,checkboxes and datagrid...................
well then qt might be too much .. even though it has database-classes which might be interesting for you ..
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