USB Drive quit working

This always worked in past.  Now it doesn't seem to get recognized.  The lights on it no longer go on.  I was loading some video files on it and it just quit.  Do they just go bad?
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Firstedition0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To many files would not matter, it would just say full.
Sounds like it has died.
Cost to replace these days is low.
I have just upgraded to an 8GB for under £19.00 from
Go on treat yourself
Have you tried it in another usb port or another computer as it may be the usb port and not the drive that is faulty.
fratzkeAuthor Commented:
Tried it in several machines.  At the time it happen, i was putting more files on it than it could hold.  That really shouldn't matter though.
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Sounds like it may have died, although its possible its the USB port like firstedition said. Try another port on another computer as well.
fratzkeAuthor Commented:
I've tried in several machines, so that is not the problem.  Do they sometimes just give out like hard drives do?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
but unlike hard drives they usually die suddenly like this because of a broken connection.
It is often possible to resurrect USB sticks by opening the case and finding and resoldering the broken joints (remember these are solid state memory).  However as has been already mentioned the time you spend doing this may be better costed by buying a new replacement.

(It's good to practice on an old drive though - you never know when you might need this skill to recover some piece of vital data!)
try this :  
in some cases, it helped me.
Otherwise, as said, it is dead
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