Is it possible to mirror MSA Shelves or do you have to use SAN Mirroring?

I have a MSA 1500 in which I have four SATA shelves, unfortunately the location that this MSA is going to find itself (at sea) does not lend itself to being backed up easily! Is there a way to mirror shelves within the MSA? or would I  have to look at a full SAN mirroring solution, if I did would there be a way of fooling it into think its two MSAs?


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michaelsageConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Don't get me wrong it isn't a small research vessel and has the stabilisers! Its just our scientists aren't good at changing tapes, they already strugle!

Thanks for your help, looks like a tape library and the MSA might have to be the way we go!

Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Not really, you can achieve shelf redundancy by having half the disks of an array on one shelf and the other half in another shelf since it is meant to mirror across chanels if it can but then if you break the mirror you are left with a RAID 0 stripe which is pretty risky. The MSA doesn't support SAN mirroring either, the storage mirroring solution offered by HP for it is host based (rebadged doubletake software). What you could do is create two (lets say RAID 5) arrays and mirror them in software,giving in effect RAID 51. Then you could split the mirror using the OS tools.

It's better really to have a tape library since mirroring doesn't protect you from a virus writing all over both arrays. I can't see why tape libraries won't work on a ship.
michaelsageAuthor Commented:
More to do with the cost than the libraries themselves, its a research vessel so loads of data and not much money!

Thanks for the comment!

Handy HolderConnect With a Mentor Saggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
If it's a research vessel then surely you only have to backup the raw data collected on the current day, the previous days raw data since that was backed up yesterday?

If that's the case you don't need a library even but a single tape drive and you can change the tape every few hours by hand. If that's the case then tape media is cheaper and more reliable than SATA disks anyway - especially on a ship.

Mirroring shelves isn't going to be much use on a small research vessel since one big wave is likely to crash disks in both arrays anyway, I was thinking more of you having an ocean liner with stabilisers.
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