ejb-jar.xml and java annotations

hi all

i'm converting a project from jboss 3.2.1 to jboss 4.2.2, and it's not working !

I've narrowed it down and it's not connecting to the database.  it's using ejb to connect. to the database.  Do i need to change the ejb-jar.xml in jboss 4.2.2?  this is the first time i've worked with ejb and so i not sure what needs changing

i have a datasource-ds.sml file which specifies the username/password server etc.  

it's getting to a peice of code where it needs to get an id from the database and this is where it's failing

public interface getIId extends EJBObject
{ public long getNextId(String sequence) throws RemoteException; }

is anyone able to help me make ejb-jar.xml work with jboss 4.2.2 or is the way to go to use java annotations?

is anyone able to lead me to a java annotations tutorial or give any help with removign ejb-jar.xml and moving to java annotations

any help much appreciated
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An interesting tutorial:

I think that in your case the best help is your IDE.
If you are using one make a small project from scratch using annotations. It will help to understand how to use annotations. In my case netbeans did the trick.

Good luck

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You probably want to convert your EJB2 Entity beans to use JPA, it'll make things a lot easier in the long run!
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