how to convert an Omnis .df1 datafile to SQL?

We have a client who is looking to transition from one manufacturing vendor software ( to another. Their current database is housed in .df1, .df2, .df3, etc files. I can't find any literature on this company's website that would help me convert to a different database. I need a technical support contract in order to get any one on one time with their support team. The vendor that they're going with uses SQL and has never even heard of Omnis.
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Forrest BurrisAsked:
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Forrest BurrisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I figured this out. Omnis has an ODBC driver on it's website I installed. I ran a query through MS Excel and exported all the data to .csv files. Took awhle but I have my method of extraction. Thanks for your help.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
might not help but this company can convert
Jim P.Commented:
If you try opening them with a text editor, what do you see? Any kind of readable data?

Failing that, is there anyway to open the data in the old app and do an export?

Another possibility is to get PDFCreator and dump it to reports that you can then turn in to CSV files.

The only other option is to go back to the original vendor and ask for assistance.
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Forrest BurrisAuthor Commented:
1. Text editor yields garbage with occasional text.
2. No export options what so ever
3. This won't work as the file opens in ASCII dump
4. Sounds like a plan
Hi Forrest,

I am trying to export the contents of a DF1 file from Access Accounts which uses Omnis. I have the ODBC driver in Excel and the connection string but I needed the the query to pull all the info from the file. Do you remember what it was?

I know its a long time ago but if you can remember it would help. Happy to setup a question for the points too.


Forrest BurrisAuthor Commented:
Wowzers this is an oldy. I vaguely remember doing this but there would be no way I could drum up the query. It's possible Omnis provided me with that query after hitting up their support. Or maybe I wrote it. I can't remember. Sorry Chris wish I could be more help.
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