How do I add scrolling text to bottom of video image non-obscuringly?

I'm trying to find a program (or set of programs) that will accomplish the task of adding scrolling text to the bottom of video, preferably in a black bar beneath the original video so as not to ruin or obscure the pre-existing footage.
I have looked into the possibility of readjusting the video into a letterbox format and adding the text to the lower black bar. I would like to be able to control the font, size, and if possible the speed of the text.

Finally I would like to be able to save the end result in a multi-program recognisable format (i.e. rather than a program's private format) so that it can be viewed on any PC or converted to other common formats or burnt to DVD.

I know there is a high probability that many purchasable programs come with this required function but I only require video editting software for this one function alone so a freeware solution would be much preferred.

I have given this question 500 points value as it is part of an intended gift and so time is important. The gift is not for a fixed occassion so there is no deadline date as such but as soon as possible would be best in this situation.
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Free Picasa from Google

Windows movie maker2
It is really important to read the guidelines so you dont make a mistake and cause a loss of your work.
Windows Movie maker that's absolutely free and chances are you already have it installed on your computer as part of XP SP2.

Free Video Editing Software: Create & Edit Movies For Free

Just incase>
Text Over Video in PowerPoint

Do you have a camcorder?

D_RICEAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll look at these options... though when I checked WMM before it didn't appear to be able to do what I want it to.

No I don't have a camcorder.
In windows Movie maker there is the ticker tape like in the news
but I believe its java for publishing to web
I am just trying to stick to free programs as far I know there is no " free "  video tools for creating and adding  "scrolling "  text to video.
Your qustion does sound like sub titles, like in foreign movies.

You could create your own SRT ( sub titles)  no scroling though.
its a little tricky since you have to record the audio of the entire video to text. Not hard to do with the right guides, all free tools too
Tools needed

Then add them to the video
Add permanent subtitles to S/VCD,DVD,AVI with ffdshow/vobsub
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If you have Nero installed .... Well you can do it in about 10-20 seconds !
And you don't have to pay or download anything new...

I've downloaded a video from YouTube converted it from flv to mpg using
SUPER (free tool : )

Now about adding scrolling text
- Open Nero Vision
- Click "Make Movie" and drop the video inside.
- Click on the panel on the top right "Display Text Effects" and choose the effect you like.
- Now on the time board you can see your text (double click on it to check more properties)
- Export it in any file type you want !
             [Time spend ~12 seconds]

Close NVision and play it.
I've uploaded the demo video here for you :
Video quality is very poor (wanted it to be small size < 4Mbytes)

Properties of the text :
Position on Screen
Font Color
Font Size
Scroll Effect

Hope this helps :)

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Or here if the above doesn't work :
May I add  that's pretty cool CodedK good job  
 I have Nero Vision express and so many other tools never got around to trying to add scrolling text in Nero Vision.
 I suppose never needed it but hey a very big thanks from me
Thank you Merete.
Long time no see :) I hope you are well.

Well to tell you the truth the only time i've searched Nvision was the time i wanted to make a gift to a friend [a cheap one :) ] just like the asker.

And believe it or not i've made a movie with small parts of movies (from my cell phone and camera and films) and the result was astonishing !!! :)
This program has great possibilities. I always recommend it.
Yes Iwas impressed with the options,
 I dont have time anymore though..
If your in Australia CodedK storms storms and floods, no floods where I am but loss of internet for 24 hours at a time is very frustrating so maybe if it goes again I'll play with Nero Vison.
cheers :)
Merete its a beautiful and a dangerous place to live :)
Hope everything will be fine
D_RICEAuthor Commented:
Excellent handling of my question :)
Appreciate the time and effort you put into to giving me an answer and uploading a demo :P

Thank you my friend.
I'm glad i've helped.
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