templating java web pages with dynamic content.

Hi all, ok i guess i'm asking a general best approach question as opposed to something quite specific.
I'm putting together a jsp based website and i have a number of pages that are very similar e.g each department in the company has a page, the majority of that page is 'standard' to all department pages. I guess thats the overall problem i'm trying to solve. How 'best' to do it is what i'm looking for/considering.
Possible options?
a) Use dreamweaver templates which always work quite well but are a little primitive and perhaps non-standard.
b) Push the dynamic content into database records which borders on full on overkill as there really isn't that much content in reality.
c) Push the content into an xml file and read it using something like jstl xml libs
d) Just create separate files for each department but making way for a lot of duplication.
e) Use properties files/resource bundles etc.

personally, i quite liked the idea of (c) but it relies on pushing an el expression into a <x:out select=""> tag which goes against whats allowd in the tld file.

Thoughts anyone?
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I do not know if I get you right but why not use a database.
Your system will grow, like all systems do.
You can use free databases like mysql or MSsql express.

You could also use a CMS system and generate templates there.
Like joomla or wordpress.

another solutions would be to use JSF and facelets to generate templates and use a database to get the text your pages.

you could also use xml and a xslt template + a tool that generates output like xslfast.

Hope that helps a bit.


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u can use Open CMS ,, it is free Content managenet system
javabeatAuthor Commented:
good suggetions there, have you guys actually used opencms and/or joomla? is the development process fairly clean? I've used CMS's in the past and they always seem to suffer from 'limitations' and/or poor configuration handling? E.g how easy is it to plug in custom code e.g java/jsp etc or is it all php driven for example?
I'd really like to stick to using java too. I've currently gone the xml route and thats working really well and very configurable but if someone has had good experience with a CMS then I could swap out.
if u are familiar with Joomla ,,, it is much better that OpenCMS ,,, i thought u wanted just java ,, but joomla is much better ,, i prefer it
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