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I need suggestion on server configuration for hosting an online test server. The test will consist of objective type questions and is developed using ASP.Net with Ms SQL Server 2005 in the back end. We are expecting a peak load of 50,000 concurrent load for this test series. Can any of the experts suggest me the kind of configuration required for the hardware. I would like to have recommedation on the processor, RAM, and Harddisk considering the load and the transactions. Every participant will attend a minimum of 100 questions.
We are planning to put the server colocated in a data centre. I need recommendation whether we can host the server using our own dedicated 2 Mbps 1:1 internet connection. Will the configuration of the firewall server (software firewall ISA 2006) affect the performance of the entire solutions ?? Please comment in detail


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Alan Huseyin KayahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  Hi firstware
        First of all, this server should be 64 Bit. Second, I would certainly go on with load-balancing, but do not have further opinion about your application.
        I wont comment on RAM Disk CPU etc, but I will suggest the server I have dealt with in a previous project of mine. They were running an ERP on this server which had about 20.000 concurrent load. And here, I met "Startus". Didnt recognize that it was a server at first look :). But it was simply perfect. It is a server with 1 FT layer, which holds the Operating system (special design by Microsoft), and 2 Server layers with same hardware. Just unplug a CPU during process or a RAM, no delay, even miliseconds, server just goes on running and running. Never seen such a powerfull device, was greatly handling great loads. Microsoft gives a rating of 9/5 stability to Stratus, while others are 9/3
       What I would suggest you is contact Stratus, describe the application type and load, and let them choose you a specific model.

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