InfoPath form generating error; environment dependant

Hi Experts,
I have a mess with an InfoPath form I've created, and I'm at my wits end as to solutions.  Any ideas would be welcome.

InfoPath 2003 form has been created with a coded Save event to populate the directory and form name when the Save As dialog pops up.  It also connects with a database to populate certain information based on user selection of a drop-down.  It's been published to a network shared drive, where everyone needing to access it is a member of groups wtih rights to the share.  The form works in both IP2003 and IP2007 on my machine.  (The obligatory DOM security warning shows up just because fix hasn't been applied.)

We have 2 servers from which end-users will be opening the form, via Remote Desktop.  Server A is running Windows 2000 SP3, InfoPath 2003 SP3, and is able to open the form normally.  Server B is a Windows 2003 SP2 machine, running the same version of InfoPath, but is not able to open the form.  After the DOM warning is acknowedged, it provides the ambiguous error:
"InfoPath cannot open the selected form because of an error in the form's code.
Attempt to modify a read-only node."

Any ideas why I can't get this form to open in one environment, but it works in the rest?
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
Why do you use a save as rather than a simple submit.  With a submit Data connection you can set the file name via rules and it would be a bit simpler.

I would try clearing the cache in InfoPath.  Have you checked .Net on Server B? There could be an issue on the second server that has an issue with your code.
wizard_340Author Commented:
I should add some information to this.  

The form I'm having an issue with is not the first we're running in this fashion, and the save event has been reused across 5 others.  (No modification needed since it names based on user selection, and each form has its own directory.)  For simplicity's sake, we've continued reusing the code instead of having to retrofit the other forms or support both the submit and save methods.  If we can manage to get the budget to move to InfoPath2007, this will be going away during rebuilds.

I considered the cache, but that proved a dead end when a new user logged in to pull up the form (for his first time) and got the same error.  

Come to think of it, we did get that ".NET 1.1 required" error on this server for a while, and ended up having to install the primary interop assemblies for Office 2003 again.  That's at least a direction I hadn't considered yet.  I'll check it out in the next couple days and give an update.

Thank you.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
I have seen where .net does not get installed with infopath correctly and caused users not to be able to open forms which have code.

I would try a repair or reinstallation.

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wizard_340Author Commented:
No luck to date, including re-installation of the PIA.  I've not yet tried to root out the .NET 1.1 framework from the Win2k3 install so we can reinstall it - rumor has it there's just a dll and registry entry that need to be removed, but this is a production server.

The issue has obviously turned into a long-term discovery process, so awarding points and moving on.  Thanks for the ideas, Clayfox.
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