Alteration to oscommerce contribution needed.

I have installed an oscommerce contribution (purchase without account) onto my oscommerce store and it works well (contribution address: however I would really like a couple of changes and didn't know if someone could help me with the code to make this possible?
My site is

When a customer clicks on continue to go straight to checkout process without creating an account I would really like the create_account.php  title to say 'My Contact & Delivery Information' as I think that as it currently stands with 'My Account Information' it is a little confusing for customers as they still think that they are creating an account.

I appreciate that the contribution is using the create_account.php but just condensing what information is requested but I wondered if there was a way to make it show a different title for the purchase without account contribution.

I would also like the navigation bar at the top to show Catalog>>Delivery Info rather than Catalog>>Create An Account
There are 11 pages of code that different parts of this contribution have to be added to and as I am not too fab with coding I can't understand it all, but I was thinking (don't know if it would work) that if I copied the create_accout.php and copied it to a new file called delivery_info.php could I use that instead of would there be an easier way? I am more than happy to include the coded pages but didn't want to clog up too much space before I'd asked the question, as like I said, there are a lot of pages.
Could anyone please tell me if this is possible and if it is what code I should be looking for to change?
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Steve BinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First and foremost, I am not familiar with oscommerce.

The changes you are talking should be HTML only.  For example, the text that appears in the title bar of the browser when you come to a page is generated in the <title> element, inside the <head> element.  You should be able to do a simple text search to find "My Account Information" and change it to "My Contact &amp; Delivery Information".

The menu bar will likely be the same kind of concept, though the menu items themselves could be buried inside  a class used to display it.  Again, use a text search for "Create An Account", and replace it as necessary.

What you've asked is not changing code, only text.  In other words, it is aesthetic only, and should not affect the functionality of the site at all.
Nicci_LeitchAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your advice, it was partly the answer. It got me thinking about where I should be looking which helped to find what I was wanting. So thank you, I have managed to sort it now. Thanks for your help :-)
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