Changeuser /Install Mode

Do I have to get into install mode If I want to remove a program?  Also, when I am installing or uninstalling software on a citrix server......being in install will this effect current user sessions on the server?  Do I need to do this when nobody is logged in?
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Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
Obviously I should add this is if you are installing a new application.  If you are modifying or removing an existing that wil add/remove files you can cause problems and everyone should be out of that application.
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
If you are in add/remove programs you are automatically in install mode.  Installing most applications while users are logged in will not effect them (unless you have to reboot), but they won't have access until they logoff/logon.  If you publish a new application and are using WI or PNA the icons won't show up until they actually logoff the PNA or WI session, not just close the application they are in.

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