Dell XPC 420 - To XP or not to XP, that is the question.

I have just taken delivery of my new Dell XPC 420, running windows Vista Home Premium. I think I probably prefer Windows XP (what I've read about Vista has been almost universally negative), but it's a model sold with Vista only, and frankly the deal meant I was getting more bang per buck than I could get from any Dell XP machine, and even from Dells Linux range (shows how cheap an OEM Vista licence must be).  

My plan was to nuke the disks and then start from scratch with my own copy of XP x64 Pro, though when I tried installing the XP boot CD I get a stop error.  Reading some sites (particularly ) there's a lot of helpful information and it sounds like XP Pro could be manhandled on to the machine, with a lot of effort.

What I am asking is.. Should I really be trying to do this anyway.  What's the general opinion out there??

Is it really worth pushing ahead and jamming XP on this thing, or am I just commiting myself to a world of pain, when XP is on it's way out anyway?

I plan to use the thing in part to play video games, but mainly as a host OS for a number of home grown VM Machines.

Please no mindless version bashing, there's enough sites filled with that. Just wondering what you guys thought. Any other peoples experiences of trying to put XP on this hardware much appreciated.
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In a nutshell. If it is my system and it is reasonable to do so I install XP Pro. I have used this OS since day one with zero issues. I'm sure your hardware can handle it if it runs Vista. Just remember to check Dell's site for any BIOS, motherboard drivers, etc. driver updates.

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
My option would be to stick with Vista, like all things new its will take a bit of getting used to but it will be worth it in then end. After all you wouldn't buy the latest shiniest car from the showroom, rip out the engine and replace it with a worn out 5 year old one woulf you?
Stick with vista... when windows xp first came out it was denegrated across teh globe and now it is the OS of most peoples choice. vista will get there in the next 6-12 months and you will have saved your self a lot of effort.

Might give you a headstart on all the other bods clinging to XP like me as well ;o)
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Hello, for my personal experience, i have burned xp on several machine from various vendors deks & notebooks (hp, toshiba, asus) that was delivered only with Vista (that i hate...).

Keep in mind that each manufacturer do not produce itself (rare case,) nothing that is embededd in their machines , read vga, lan and so on, while they are manufactured from 3rd party manufacturers.

So it s possible install xp on every machine (for me at this moment!!) : the first to do is let you install cd recognize the massstorage/sata chip on your should make a modified versione of xp install cd that have all necessary drivers.

Try to start from :

Best regards.
I agree with KCTS on this one.  I have been working with Vista for almost a year now, and have very little in the way of problems, and I definitely think it is an improvement over XP in many different areas.  Since Vista Service Pack 1 is coming out at the end of this month, it will be even better, according to all reports I've seen.

That said, I still have use for having XP on my system because of my work, so what I have done is install Microsoft's free Virtual Pc 2007 on it, and then created a guest OS with XP Pro and another guest OS with XP Home.  This is much more convenient than dual booting the two Windows OSes, because I can have both running simultaneously on my computer and only need to click on an icon in the Notification Area (formerly called the System Tray) of Vista to switch to XP.  This allows instantaneous switching, rather than what multibooting requires, which is to restart the computer and wait for the several minutes necessary to boot to another operating system.

This article from Pc Magazine gives an informative review of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007:,1895,2099568,00.asp
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Since you mentioned wanting to have a "number of home grown VM machines", I think this is your best bet.
molarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments people. On the basis of the above the vote seems to be 3/2 in favour of keeping Vista.

Thank you all for your help.
molarAuthor Commented:
The way the board describes it is a little misleading here. Thanks everybody. I've split the points equally among those who contributed.

molarAuthor Commented:
pls ignore previous comment. I'm getting in a bit of tangle closing the question.
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