Easy flash loading screen for animation - any tips?

Hi All,

I have a simple flash file which loads on the homepage of my site, its a little information box with a few buttons, nothing complicated but it has a few photos and the page is currently loading the whole SWF file before it renders the page. Could someone point me to a source/tutorial where i could create a simple loading page for the file, so that the homepage can load fast, and then the flash component can load after the page. It may only take 5 seconds overall but I think it would make a big difference to the user experience.

I am not that familiar with Flash or Actionscript, I inherited this file so a tutorial or advice for beginners would be greatly received.

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dolcezzzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe a preloader will help? Flash displays after everything in the first frame of your movie is loaded. S, if the first frame is a small preloader, it should speed it up. These tutorials may be a good read for you.



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