Networking question: Subnetting vs. VLAN question.

I have a question on networking. I have had a consultant recommend some changes but I'm not sure it is in my network's best interest.
Here is my infrastructure. I have all of my servers in a datacenter on the 10.10.x.x network, i have 30 remote offices, those offices all have local routers and their subnet addresses and masks are 10.33.x.x, or 10.122.x.x The consultant has said that my network is one big LAN and one broadcast segment. Correct me if I am wrong, but the subnets in the remote offices are actually their own broadcast segments, and the company's broadcasts are broken up at the local router/office level. Here is an example

Server IP is
Subnet mask is
Default Gateway is

Remote office router IP address is
Subnet Mask is
Default Gateway is

Wouldnt the PC's on the 10.56.x.x LAN be on a different broadcast domain than the 10.10.x.x network?
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ngravattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, you are correct.  the subnet mask creates/seperates your broadcast domains.

10.10.x.x, consists of a broadcast domain of -

the consultant must be confused.
rvartaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks, any more opinions out there?
hbustanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The fact that you have a router will eliminate any chance of broadcasting to other ends regardless of what subnet mask you are using. At the same time the subnet mask also limits your broadcasts in the same sense. So, There is no way the broadcasts will be extended through the routers to the other subnets in your network and this is definitely not a LAN.

That said, how is this related to VLANs?

VLANs in general will allow people in each VLAN within the same LAN to appear as though they are in separate subnets.
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