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We have an exchange box which is already setup and been operational for about a year.  This appears to be quite a standard build with many of the default names and settings.

I have setup a second exchange box to be a front end server from a fairly default build, but cannot get the OWA to work.

It allows me to log in with my domain details, but only displays a text version of the web interface.  Having followed the notes we downloaded from Microsoft and having rebuilt the new front end box several times, we still get the same result.

Anyone seen this before and suggest what we need to try and do?
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GeyybeccaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you applied the latest service pack to your front end server? I have found this issue can be resolved by doing this
I am assuming you have ticked the box on the OWA server that says its a frontend server?
dtfrancis15Author Commented:
Yes - we have ticked the Front End option.

Will try applying the service Pack now.
dtfrancis15Author Commented:
That was the problem exactly - many thanks
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