Windows Live Messenger video chat, no sound, jerky picture

I am trying to video chat. My daughter and I have new Logitech Quickcam Ultravisions.  We tried to video chat on AIM and it didn't work at all - even with both firewalls off.  We tried Windows Live Messenger and the video works but is very jerky and the audio doesn't work.  Anyone know the secrets?
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It should be very straight forward.    If by Audio not working you mean the Microphone, go to the sound settings and make sure your camera is selected for MIC input.  (Control Panel>Sounds and Audio>Audio tab - check the sound recording setting.     Also, make sure the MIC is not muted in the sound settings (through the volume control settings).

Do the same in Live Messenger.  Goto Tools>Audio and Video Setup.  Make sure the proper device (your camera) is selected for both video and mic.  Of course, for audio playback, you want to select the computers Soundcard.

The jerky video can be a result of many things.  Maybe a slow usb 1.1 port is causing this.  If you can plug it into a USB 2 slot, try that.     Is it lagging on the video you receive or send?  How does it act if you are just testing it within Messenger during the wizard?

ssmyerAuthor Commented:
We have done all of the "straight forward" stuff on both computers.

Audio and video work fine on my computer and in Windows Live Messenger or AIM on my computer.  My video is very jerky on the other computer in the chat and there is no sound.  Same at the other end -- her camera and mic work fine on her computer but no audio and jerky video on mine.  In AIM, the receiving computer gets neither audio or video.
If you've done all ''straight forward'', then there's something else. What kind of video card do you use? Do you have the same problem when you preview video movie trailers on some web sites?
If that's the same problem as you have on AIM and MSN, then you need to replace the video card with a better one.

Before doing this, desinstall drivers + software that were associated with the webcam, unplug it and restart your computer. Install appropiate drivers + software then plug it in. If the problem is solved and the video quality is good, then everything is fine.
Let me know.

Additionally, if you have the option to turn down the video resolution, try that.  If the jerkiness improves, your internet connection might not be handling the bandwidth - it depends on the hops it is taking to get to the source.

ssmyerAuthor Commented:
None of the above was the problem. My daughter and I switched to SightSpeed, another free program, (see and everything works fine.

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