How to install the Groupwise mobile server

I am looking for some one can provide me systematically to install the GroupWise mobile server. We have paid a consultant to try to do the installation and he was unable to do it.   I have fun some document in the Novell support site, and it is not too clearly for me. I would like to have someone already have experience install and configure the mobile server.
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The fact you paid a consultant and they couldn't work it out concerns me.  Was it a Novell experienced consultant??  If they were, then I'd be dropping any faith I had in their ability and thinking twice about using them in the future.

Groupwise Mobile Server is REALLY easy.  Basically, you need to enable SOAP on your post offices (set in the PO properties in Console One).  Install GMS on a Windows server.  Create a trust between GMS and Gwise using the command line utility included on the GMS cd.  Log into the GMS web page as a groupwise user and the rest is straight forward.   Naturally things are never as straight forward as that, and I had my share of issues with the product itself, but that's another story and nothing to do with installation.   Getting the product installed and running is not difficult.

This is all covered in the documentation, so I suggest you read through it again and try to understand all the steps.  If you've got a specific question about any of it, by all means ask away.
KjenAuthor Commented:
Thank you to reply back to me. Yes, I will not use this Novell experienced consultant in any case. I have 15 post office in the one domain. do I need to enable SOAP for all 15 post office?
What part is failing to work?
Do you have a DMZ?
And I believe you need to enable SOAP for each post office.
Yes-  you need to enable SOAP for each PO.

What happens is, when you configure GMS to talk to your groupwise system, you just give it one PO's IP address.   Then, GMS will talk to that IP initially, but then standard groupwise user redirection kicks in and redirects GMS to the correct PO for the user.  That's why SOAP has to be enabled on every one.  Once the user has logged in for the first time,  GMS "remembers" the correct PO for that user and will then talk directly to that PO.

I set this up without a DMZ, as DMZ's are a thing of the past and we didn't have the resources for that.  We just punched the necessary ports in the firewall (just port 80 and 443 from memory but it's been a while) and set up a NAT.


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KjenAuthor Commented:
Thank you to help me, If I have more question can I e-mail you?
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