kiosk project -- disable command keys in flash player

Hi,   anyone know if it's possible to disable command keys while in flash player? I have a kiosk presentation and I am using fscommand("fullscreen", true); to hide the menubar.  I would like to also disable key combinations that would quit the application   e.g. command-Q (mac) & escape or anything on the PC that would exit the application.   Any solutions?
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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
it is not possible if you are using directly SWF or FlashPlayer generated standalone EXE.

Only possible using some third party tool which can trap all keys while flash playback.
for example:

MDM Zinc 2.5 or higher can do it. (but it is not free)

Aneesh Chopra

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actually it is possible (and free)..please don't use this on the web as the only way to close the window is to crash the application running the swf
in the swf on the first frame..

fscommand("trapallkeys", true);


gShiponAuthor Commented:
This almost works.  the ESC is trapped -- but when I use command-Q, the player quits.  Any thoughts?
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Alt+F4 (for windows)
Cmd-Q (for Mac)

these can't be ignored simply by using Flash Player or actionscript.

as I already said, you must need some third party wrapper tool to get this feature.
MDM Zinc 2.5 or higher can do it. (but it is not free)
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