What type of Anti-Virus or spyware remover?

I have a home based Dell and I use the internet everyday.  I have a Dell XPS  CPU 3.00 GHz.   3 GB of Ram I have 96 used space and approx. 46 free  space on my hard drive.  I use the AVG free addition of AntiVirus and I also have PC Tools spyware Doctor.  The AntiVirus only runs in the morning about 8am and that is when I use the computer a lot so I am always shutting it down.  I want to buy the paid for edition so I can schedule the scans  but I am not sure which one to buy.  Can someone advise me?  Also do I need the Spyware Doctor.  With all this running in the background my computer seems sluggish.  Hopefully I put this question in the right section.  Thank you  jannet55
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Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
I recommend canning the AVG and Spyware Doctor and just going with an all-in-one solution like Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Internet Solution:
I personally never use an anti-virus, i'm just quite cautious as they take up quite a large amount of processing speed; but do run into difficulty sometimes.
Hijackthis (just google it) is free and amazingly fast and efficient. When i had norton, i still found this cleaned some stuff norton couldn't.
Norton and McAfee are both good enough but are incredibly annoying when they run out of license. plus they get in the way of certain programs.
Spyware doctor isn't bad, there are some freebies out there, windows defender is one of them.
Windows onecare live i've heard good things about, plus the added benefits of frequent updates.

Personally, get vista home premium and nothing will bother you (for the time being anyway!) as it uses defender and has a pretty strong security measures built in.

Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
I have been very happy with Microsoft's OneCare solution.  It manages your Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and system performance in one easy and light-weight application.  It is not bloated like Norton and McAfee have become.  OneCare will even check and install any "Critical" updates from Microsoft to help ensure your security protection and patches are current.

http://onecare.live.com --- for more information.
It includes three licensed installs and usually Staples, OfficeMax, CompUSA or one of the other big chains has it on sale.
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Avast Anitvirus is good too.  I have had no problems with Avast on my home computer.

Hello jannet55,

In regards to your Anti-Virus question, I am a user and a big fan of AVAST Home Edition. It does scheduled scans, overall is not very intrusive and it is free with user registration.  I would try this before purchasing software before purchasing anything.  
        Link to AVAST Home Edition - http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html

In regards to your spyware remover software, I am of the mind set that one sweeper is just not enough, so I use Hitman Pro.  This is a program that downloads and maintains several different spyware products, and when Hitman runs, it not only does a wonderful job of cleaning things up, but is also very good about documenting what it has done.  This product is also free, with the exception of two of the programs it uses; however you can choose to subscribe after the trial is over or simple uncheck those two programs in the "set-up" menu and they will not run or be maintained.  However, the one catch to this program is does take a some time to run (time depends on your systems and its current state), so I usually set it to run before going to bed or leaving the house for a while.
        Link to Hitman Pro - http://www.hitmanpro.nl/hitmanpro/

Hope that helps.
There are some good suggestions here on malware protection.

@dandymon >""I personally never use an anti-virus, i'm just quite cautious as they take up quite a large amount of processing speed; but do run into difficulty sometimes.""<

That is not one of them though. That is your personal choice dandymon and if it works for you that is fine. But is not a good suggestion in my opinion (along with thousands of other experts I would imagine).

With your system specs., particularly the amount of RAM, you should have no issues with running ONE antivirus and one Anti-spyware solution, or something like Kaspersky which was also mentioned.

>""Personally, get vista home premium and nothing will bother you""<
I have already cleaned dozens of Vista PC's and they can be infected too. Yes, UAC should help but if and when users either disable or ignore it well then...

And one other note to clear things up...Hijackthis does nothing to protect a computer from infection.
If you do think you're infected and if you computer is running slow you MAY be, then post a HijackThis log to be reviewed by an expert to see if there are any problems.

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