Can I get arround this error message without the original Office 2003 Pro CD?

Can I get arround a missing error message without the original install CD which by now is long gone/lost?  
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and235100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes - it probably will.
It was just on the off-chance that Office was installed from a network drive...
Unfortunately - there is little room around this issue - I cannot upload a copy of the file (software licensing blah blah blah) - and the chances are - you are likely to need more than one cab file, in any case.
If you are updating Office 2003, then possibly you could use the larger update type available on Office Update.
If not - you could try a repair install of Office - it shouldn't need a CD... Just go to Add/Remove programs, and scroll to Office 2003 Professional, click Change - then choose Repair in the wizard.
If that won't work - you will need a Office CD.
diggy69Author Commented:
I did specifically use the larger update type available on Office Update (so as to avoid being asked for the CD) but I was still (later on) prompted to insert the original CD. - typical Microsoft malfunction / stupidity.
RE: Change/Repair as I recall often prompts for a CD so I don't know if that is a good option but I will try it anyway.  
diggy69Author Commented:
This issue became a moot point - I was finally able to obtain the CD that I was being prompted for. Sometimes it seems, that is the only way to get through this annoying situation.
Error Code 1311: Source file not found c:\program files\Microsoft Office\" This error occured when I launched Outlook 2003 for a new user. The PC had MS Office 2003 installed, Word would give the error but would open Outlook would not open. The problem was that Office was installed for the network and the path had changed. I tried to reinstall and repair. I finally got it to work by selecting "Add or Remove features" during the installation it asked for the path of the installation, after putting in the correct path Outlook would run and Word did not show the error.
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