How to setup POP3 Connector for Exchange 2007

I have just setup Exchange Server 2007 for the first time and I would like to use the same built in connector that you had in 2003 to download POP3 mail from the ISP.

Does Exchange server 2007 support this and if so, how do I set it up?

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Joseph HornseyConnect With a Mentor President and JanitorCommented:
I see... sorry.

As far as I know, there is no support for that in Exchange 2007.  The only POP3 support is for inbound POP3 connections used to download messages to a client.  And even then, it is only accessible via PowerShell and not the GUI.

I may be wrong, however.

What is the purpose of having the ISP store mail for you?

Joseph HornseyPresident and JanitorCommented:
It's not the same as 2003.  In fact, very little in 2007 is the same as 2003.  Which is something that's driving me absolutely batty.

To configure POP3 on Exchange 2007, you'll need to follow the instructions in this link:

Not a bad article.

doulos777Author Commented:
What I am wanting to do is to setup a POP3 connector that connects to the ISP where email is currently stored and downloads it into Exchange.  

In 2003 it was called "POP3 Connector Manager"
GFI Mail Essentials will do that. It has a built in Pop2Exchange function.
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