Ubuntu 6.04 on IBM Thinkpad A20m, application problem.

Hi!   Everyone,

OS loading successful, Applicantion Launching got a problems.

I just got installed Ubuntu 6.04 on IBM Thinkpad A20m.   The installation went smooth, then I installed the Ubuntu, and the computer is now running from Hard disk, not from a live CD.   The screen looks beautiful.   The problem is I can't open (launch)  the Place, Computer, and Firefox.   When I clicked them, the computer try to launch them (a few second, I saw [waiting circle go round]), then it disappears, and nothing comes out.   Does anyone has the similar problem?    Any quick fix or diagnosis?   Also, when I want to go for su [super user], it always say authorization failure although I am sure I typed the correct passoword for super user.

Any suggestion and help, please !

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The quickest fix is probably to get a more up-to-date version.  6.04 is getting pretty old.

That said, the easiest solution to the first  problem is to launch a terminal (if you can) and try to launch the programs from there.  That gives you all the feedback that would explain what went wrong.  Failing that, look in ~/.xsession-errors - which should have the errors from the previous attempts.

For the second problem... well it isn't a problem.  There is no "root" user on Ubuntu.  You use "sudo" to execute an app with root privilege.  "sudo -i" will get you into a root shell.  You always give sudo _your_ password - there is no root password.

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mkidoAuthor Commented:
Hi!   pointerstop, thank you!

The version could be "6.10", I will check it.    Terminal is working well, so I will try to launch the applications from there.  By the way,  I never launched these applications from Terminal, will you give me a possible command line suggestion?    Should I change the directory to the same place as the executable program's location?   I will also look into ~/.xcession-error.   Let me feed back later.   Thanks.
mkidoAuthor Commented:
Many of applications are working, and many of applications aren't working.   Not workings are FireFox, Places' (MyHome, Computer), and OpenOffice2.0.   Workings are many games, Graphics, many system reviewers, so on.

I can't launch FireFox from Terminal command line.   I have no idea whether there is a way to do.   Also I can't launch MyHome folder by GUI is problematic.   I reviewed ~/.xaccess-error, but the message didn't inspire any solution at this time.    I may post the error message later on.    The struggle goes on.
mkidoAuthor Commented:

  It was Ubuntu_6.10, then when I tried Ubuntu_7.04, until live CD running, all applications (Places_MyHome, FireFox) are working.   So, your comment is the right answer.    However, I got a trouble loading [Install] into the Hard Disk due to 800 x 600 Laptop Minitor resolution.   During [Insall], [OK] OR [NEXT] or something to proceed to the next step is out of screen, and I can select them in a mouse.   And I can't set a higher screen resolution.   The Window can't move around to up.   Then, I must give up in the middle of [Install], although it has only a few steps.  

Currently, I decided to install Windows 2000, and run Ubuntu only Live CD mode.   If someone knows [TEXT] mode installation of Ubuntu_7.04, let me know.    Thanks.

Sometimes the installer doesn't manage to find the best monitor resolution, but for most people
# sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
will get you (better) resolutions.  If you have Intel onboard graphics and a wide-screen monitor, you may need to install the package "915resolution" to get the wider formats.

If you actually need a text-mode install, you get the "alternate" install CD - it _isn't_ a liveCD but it provides more options for non-standard hardware.
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