WDS image not completing

We are running WDS with the BDD2007 and receive this error after trying to grab a WinXP image over the network. Sound familiar? Thanks folks.
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marksheeksAuthor Commented:
Well, I authenticated as a domain admin during the boot and I also ran the MS Deployment as the same account. Yes, I have complete control of the deployment box and rights to add machine to domain, etc. Since that post I have uninstalled MS Deployment and WDS and left the WAIK in place. I've reinstalled WDS and am configring it now. I will do nothing else before reinstalling the new BDD (MS Deployment) and following the guidance for it. We started with BDD2007 and move some of the images manually. May have messed it up at some point along the way. Do you think the new BDD is the best to use for XP SP2 r is BDD2007 better? Thanks much! Also, should I uyse the PE image on the Vista CD or the one through WAIK?
The new "Microsoft Deployment" (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=3BD8561F-77AC-4400-A0C1-FE871C461A89&displaylang=en) is a better tool than its predecessor - and is fully supported for XP SP2 (as per the link)
Use the PE image from the automated installation kit - definitely.
ImageX is a good product.
I personally like third-party imaging tools, but each to his/her own...

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marksheeksAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help and quick response. You are awesome.
Not ideal answer to the question - but thank you - and good luck!
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