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I need to know the steps to add new host to nagios so I can monitor other linux servers, and is it possible to monitor windows server also and How?? Thnaks
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Deepak KosarajuDevOps EngineerCommented:
Follow as per Specified in Document.
Gud luck
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
Have a look at cacti it is similar to nagios but from my own experience easier to manage.

As for nagios this is an excellent tutorial

you might wana get started with it and ask questions as you face problems.
Under your nagios directory (should be /etc/nagios) you will see several config files. You will add the host by setting them up in those files. Each file has a template at the top to use and how to use it. Get the admin guide and follow those directions and you should be good.

You can monitor windows boxes by adding them the same way. I don't like monitoring windows boxes with nagios because of its difficulty. For this i use zenoss much simpler.

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I know you're asking about nagios, but I figured I would throw out another awesome NMS - opennms.

I found it more robust than nagios when I tried nagios... Good luck
Hi there,
If you're having trouble with the standard nagios take a look at they have a free product that incorporates the nagios system with a user friendly interface along with an extensive library of doco.
I do monitor about 200 machines in Nagios.
You can also monitor windows machines using check_nt

See more here

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