User Workstations Win XP Pro SP2 + Samba + MS Server 2003

I have been reading sections of the official Samba How-to and understand that Samba 3 can become a member of a MS Server 2003 domain.  So far, I cannot find any information relating to how I should handle client workstations.

I currently have a Samba 3 domain and my Win XP Pro SP2 client boxes connect/authenticate to it.
I now want the Win XP Pro client boxes to have access to directories on a separate MS Server 2003 domain residing on the same network.

If at all possible, I would like to preserve the current arrangement of having the Win XP Pro clients as domain members of the Samba3 server and simply change the Samba3 server to a domain member of the MS Server 2003 domain.  But it is not clear to me that the client boxes will be able to access directories on the MS Server.

Specific question:

Can I do WinXP clients --> Samba3 Server --> MS Server 2003.
Or do I have to change my network setup so it looks like
WinXP Clients --> MS Server 2003 + Samba3 server added as domain member.

Thanks for your help and patience.  This will be a challenging transition for me, and I'm uncertain exactly how to describe what I'm looking for.  :-)

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If you want to have 2 domains and you know how to establish trust relationship between domains (I don't know _how_, but I know it's possible for Samba PDC and AD 2003 PDC), you may leave all users in Samba 3 PDC and start to establish domain relationship.

If you like your Samba server to authenticate users, it _should_ be a PDC or BDC of the domain. At the same time Samba 3 _cant_ be a PDC or BDC of AD 2003 domain, but it can be a domain member. So you have only 2 options:

1) Move all users from Samba to AD 2003 domain and make Samba server a domain member.

2) Leave 2 different domains and establish a domain trust relationship (so that users from Samba Domain could access shares and resources in AD 2003 domain).

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