File transfer from XP to Server 2k3 SP2 very slow

We've just added a new 2003 member server to a 2000 domain, and file transfer is incredibly slow between the Server and XP clients.

Transfer to the 2000 servers is fine - a 75 MB file in 20 seconds or so. The same file to from the 2003 server is quoting 20 minutes.

Any ideas? I've seen some posts about 2003 DCs causing problems, but this is simply a member server. Only software installed is Sophos Enterprise console and Mgmt library. The server is plugged into the same switch as the 2000 servers (layer 2 netgear gigabit).

All suggestions appreciated!
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Check link - maybe try forcing full duplex.

Hook it up stand-alone with one client on a dedicated switch and see speed.  
ChrisCranieAuthor Commented:
Good suggestion. Speed was absolutely fine when I did this...

- When I reconnected the server to the layer2 switch it was using, speed was back to being slow. I then ensured that client was connected to the same switch, still slow.

- Speeds from other servers on that switch, however, are normal.

Should I be looking at NIC config on this server, or switch configuration? It's directly plugged into a managed switch which is still in its default state.
I would look more to the switch - and see that the server links up at full duplex - force it to FDX in the adapter properties.  

Another thought would be to take the setup that worked (one client, server, seperate switch) and link that to the managed switch.  Then test speed from the single client on the same switch as opposed to clients from the managed switch.  Tha t might eliminate a potential "2003 DC's causing problems" issue.

Also, are your 2000 servers all up to date with patches/sp's?

I doubt it is an OS issue, but you never know.

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ChrisCranieAuthor Commented:
Ok, will give both suggestions a go and let you know.

All 2k and 2k3 servers fully updated with patches and service packs.
ChrisCranieAuthor Commented:
1.; Hooked into the switch, and it was auto on FDX 1GB, I forced it anyway. Speed still slow.
2. Configured the client/server on a separate switch, and then connected this to the Managed switch. Speed fast again.
3. Then switched the server to the managed switch, leaving the client only on a separate switch. Speed stayed fast.
4. Tested another client against that server, speed still fast.

So from what I can tell, the problem was with my client and not the server; when both were on the managed switch the problem occurred. My client runs at 100Mbps, server at 1Gbps.

I'm now up and running, so thanks - points on the way. But any idea why this is occurring?
ChrisCranieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help - although still a little confused about why this would occur. You got me up and running though so points earned!
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