Unable to send email from a web server using Forms To Go and asp script

Windows Server 2000 Std. SP4.
ASP and Frontpage

I am not an application guru; I am more of a network infrastructure person.
I have a web developer who is trying to send email via a form based application.
Web developer is using an application called Forms to Go.
After you fill out the form, and then select submit, the progress bar at the bottom of the window takes a long time, and we eventually get the following error message in my web browser:

 aspEmail reported an error sending the email. Error: Connection timed out.Form submitted successfully. It will be reviewed soon.

The Windows SMTP service is NOT enabled, as the server admin says that it is not required.  I would think that SMTP Service is required.  PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS.

We ARE able to send email from a FrontPage Extension, (i.e.. --webbot bots=)  on the same www server, to the same email account, through the same SMTP/Relay server.  But we are NOT able to send using Forms to Go application, which is based on ASP.

The target email / smtp / relay server does not even indicate that the email is being received!

Here is more info from the developer:
Currently I have several websites on Server A. They were setup/using Microsoft Frontpage. I have 30+ online forms created with Frontpage extensions (i.e.. --webbot bots=). They all work fine and are used daily.
I am converting all the websites to .asp pages and using Dreamweaver as my html tool. In the process of changing over all the online forms, I purchased "Forms to Go" (http://www.bebosoft.com/products/formstogo/) to setup the mail script. I've attached the test-script.asp.
The test webpage (http://www.fakedomain.com/new/test1.htm) results should be emailing me (testemail@fakedomain.com) the results page. This is where the problem lies. I do not get the results email. I get the following error message:
aspEmail reported an error sending the email. Error: Connection timed out.Form submitted successfully. It will be reviewed soon.

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in my experience SMTP service will definately be required unless there is a mailer component installed on the server, frontpage extensions class as a mailer component, but this clearly wont be recognised by windows, and therefore ASP. my recommendation would be to setup the SMTP service for a starter, that will likely sort the problem out straight away, but if not, then at least we will be in a better position to get things working.


- ellandrd
In fact, reading further on Forms to Go, it would seem that it can be configured to use any SMTP server, so in theory it should be possible not to have to install the SMTP service to the local machine..


suggests that there is a configuration window that you can set up the SMTP server settings for Forms to Go. Since you can send email through the same relay, it should make sense that this should work right away.. do you have access to the SMTP relay to check the auth settings and such? I imagine it could be possible that there is some level of protection on the relay, and that may need to be configured.

- ellandrd

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