Connection issues with Veritas 11d for Windows servers

We are experiencing some communication failures on our server backups using the Veritas 11d Backup Exec for Windows Servers. The most common message is V-79-57344-65072. We have reviewed the event logs on each server that had lost connection with the media server and none have the Erroe log 7031. Is there a fix that Veritas has not made known?
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snoopfroggConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This Backup Exec KB article comes up first when I search your error code: .

1.  Make sure the client's Remote Agent version matches the server version.

2. Verify no other application is either using or blocking TCP Port 10000 on the media server or remote machine(s).

3. Confirm the Network Card Drivers are at the latest version on both the media server and each remote machine being backed up.  Make sure also the drivers/firmware are up to date on all of each machine's hardware (i.e.: SCSI/Raid Controller, Host Bus Adapter, Motherboard, etc...).

4. Run a disk defrag and the Windows Error Checking Utility (CHKDSK /F).

5. Make sure the latest version of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) has been applied and run the MDAC Component Checker to confirm there are no mis-matched files.  
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