Bookmarks in media player 11

Is there a bookmarking feature in media player 11 or a plugin for it? It would be handy when listening to audiobooks.
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Hello mranders, how are you, unfortunately it's not really big on the market you woudl think it woudl be since it's has a lot fo possibilities.
I'm sure if enough ask for it the programmers will come around with some solutions.
Ipods sems to tbe the only work around work for you too.
If your Audio book is already in MP3 format then you could add them to an ipod.
It maybe possible if these are DVD, Power DVD has a resume from option, have you tried power DVD I know its for DVD video but if your Audio books is on DVD it may work?

Is this live online? Or at home?
I remember in the old days a lot of cassettes had what is called cue points ( resume)  where it would contiinue from the last.
Here is a couple of work arounds to save pausing a cd.
Turning MP3 audiobooks into iPod audiobooks
The best feature of the iPods audiobook format is the ability to resume playback at a particular point even if you play something else or turn the iPod off.

MP3 Players with Bookmark Capability

it is a start point hopefully others may have some ideas
Regards Merete

mrandersAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete. I would like to use mediaplayer 11 because it is the only one that I know of that supports avrcp. I might have to rethink :-) N ice links thanks. I tried power dvd before, it has a nice resume feature, but I don't want to convert to DVD format etc. If it had the resume feature for mp3 files that would have been great, but then again I don't know if it supports avrcp. My best bet so far is to use media player classic because it has a nice implementation of bookmarks that they call favorites, but there is no avrcp support. If you know how to make avrcp work with media player classic please let me know :-)
mranders hi, we had some very intense storms and lost the internet for over 24 hours, line must have been damaged somewhere as it took out most our area. No net for 24 hours yegads..

avrcp bluetooth   lol remote control  panel with WMP 11? Are you running a Media Center?
Your remote control may hold a key too.
Do you have a walkman or a portable disc player?
Here's one
Hold prevents unintended commands (play, stop, etc.) and resume picks up exactly where the player left off but this function only works if the disc is not removed.

Power DVD will also play MP3 but no resume I just tested it on my mp3.
Has a nice visulazation too.

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AVRCP using media player classic. hmm it's really an open source media player with ffdshow not really suitable for MP3.
WMP yes

The Audio/Video Remote Control Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows Bluetooth devices to control media playback on remote devices. It is typically used with A2DP devices for next/previous track selection and pause/play functions.

Winamp may help you here,  has a great library and I can use my keyboard to control playback pause FF rewind features.
I'll have to do a little search for some specs on this
Here ya go I knew I had seen this before, I use Winamp and never used any other player for my MP3,
bought Gforce to go with it, It's the best media player ever, unquote and agree :) with millions of users they have adapted winamp to suit everyone.

Winamp and AVRCP

Another>> bit tricky this one, scroll down to
 found a solution for controlling WinAmp via AVRCP.
mrandersAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete, I appreciate your research. Perhaps I will try and make AVRCP work with Winamp, but  then there is the question of how to make bookmarks for audiobooks work. Winamp has a bookmarking feature but that only works on the file level as far as I know - I can't put a mark half-way into a 3 hour long audiobook or do anything like that. The bookmarking plugins I have examied - amorak for example don't work.
I can't think of any other ideas it seems your only option is to pause it
WMP does not have this support or any others from what I have researched sorry mranders this one has me stumped only because the technology is not available.
there os quite a large propertion of audio books users who are asking for this feature as well so eventually I'm sure it will be made available with new season audio books to the home users.

All the Best


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mrandersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for researching this.
Here's one that I use that works.

Thank you,  Ken
I have also used the above program 'mymediabookmarks' and confirm it works. yay.
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