ddr2-667 vs ddr2-800

I just got the dell XPS 1530m Core 2 duo 2.2ghz 800mhz FSB 4m I2 cache.

Should I get ddr2-667 or ddr2-800?

Will I see a performance difference?  Do you know about how much?

Is it worth the extra $30 for the 800?

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Short answer: Yes

Long answer: It depends on what the speed of the RAM it came preinstalled with.

If the system is using DDR2-800 sticks, the system's FSB will run synchronously with the CPU.  If you get DDR2-667, then it will be asynchronous.  DDR2-800 is obviously faster, but in terms of real-world performance, you probably won't notice much difference, since with a Dell, you can't manually tweak the meory timings in the BIOS.

If the system came with DDR2-800 sticks, and you put DDR2-667 sticks in it, the entire RAM system will communicate at the slower DDR2-667 speeds.

The safest bet would be to spend the extra $30, since you will be guaranteeing you will not lose any performance at all.  The only reason to go with the slower RAM is if you know the system came with the slower sticks in it, and you will never be swapping this RAM to any other system.
Forgot to mention . . . if you are gaming with it, the difference between DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 will be a few frams/sec.  This may or may not be noticeable to you depending on how sensitive your eyes are.  Some people can't see a difference with anything higher than 30-40 frames per second.  I personally can see a difference all the way up to 80 or so.
busterbritAuthor Commented:

My system came with 1gb, ddr2, 667mhz 2 dimm

So does that mean my system was set up for DDR2-667 and that I should use this?  Or do I need to find out in the bios to know for sure.  Would Dell know if I contacted them?

You should go with specs that Dell support site recommend:


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