Missing Email Messages

We are running Exchange 2003, XP Clients, and Outlook 2003.  I have a user claiming they are not receiving messages from a particular person, say joe@othercomapany.com.  Joe sent the email to three of my users.  Two of them received it and the other claims they have not.  When I went into the message tracking of Exchange, it does state that the messages was delivered to the email store of the user who claims they are not getting the message.  

This is where I am stumped.  I went into OWA under their account and searched the entire mailbox for the senders email address and the message could not be found.  I also went into recover deleted items and looked there and found nothing.  Any thoughts on what to try next?


csimmons1324IT ManagerAsked:
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Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Do you have IMF or any type of filtering enabled on the Exchange server? Also is there any type of anti-virus/anti-spyware running on said server too?

You also might want to check the BadMail folder:

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Are you using any kind of anti-spam solution? If so I would be checking this users SPAM container and making sure they have not set this user as a SPAM sender. Have you checked all rules on the client to make sure they are not filing the email somewhere. I would probably run outlook /cleanrules switch.

csimmons1324IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am running some spam filtering.  I have ORF on the server which only does Grey Listing.  Therefore, that should not be a problem because if the message was rejected, it would be done before the message even hit the tracking process.  I am also running the MS IMF filter with the setting to stop messages with the rating of 8 or higher.  Then of course there is AV software running on the server.

I don't believe that Spam or AV software would be preventing this message from being delivered to this particular user.  I have two other users that the message was sent to (for a total of 3 users in the To: field of the email message) and they receive the message with no problems.  If somehow spam or AV software was preventing this message from being delivered, wouldn't it prevent it from reaching all three users?

I will have the user check their rules just in case.

csimmons1324IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Problem solved!  Turns out the user had set their spam filtering within Outlook to high and to also automatically permanently delete all spam messages.  I had the user set their spam setting to Low and disable the deletion of the spam messages.  
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
There could be one reason as accidently you might have deleted the email ,you can retreive the same email from Exchange Server to his email Id by just installing POP3 Service on server ,this will retreive all the emails for a specific user.
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