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Hello everyone...  This is a general question and your opinions are greatly appreciated.  We are in need of providing remote access to some of our select employees.  I am in search of a solution that gives us the best security.  For instance, we don't want users to have the ability to do screen shots remotely of the data...  

I have encountered solutions such as check point secure remote, RSA Tokens, going to a website and being able to authenticate in and then remote control your pc, etc.,  etc.  In your expert opionon what do you feel is the best solution?  (The cheaper the better, but nothings free!)  
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bhnmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SSL VPN would be a good tool. I know the Aventail has an excellent product and it is very secure.
JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am a bit confused about not allowing your users to do remote screen shots remotely.  Are you meaning not use a VNC type product, like PCAnywhere which is pretty much a "screen scrubber"?

If the users have access and can see the data or have the applications on their PC and VPN in, they can still do screen dumps.

If you use a hosted type of access, go to a website, most of those require a client application (a VNC type product) on the client and keeps a port open through your network.

IMHO anytime you outsource data services, you lose security and control of your data. You are entrusting it to a third party... That company might be honest, but their employees or just one, could be a bad apple. What might they capture? If kept within your control, at least you know how it is going where it is going and who is viewing it.

VPN is the best way for remote users using good encryption (SSL).

If your data is extremely valuable, you need to look at what data might be retained on your select employees notebooks, if that is what they are using. Big business in gathering data form stolen notebooks these days as well.

Nothing is perfect, but there is a lot to look at and consider in a worst case scenario.

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