Visual Studio ClickOnce Installer

Is there a way to tell ClickOnce Installer to install to an specific destination folder for all files?
Currently I notice all files (resources) including the (.exe) goes automatically to a temp folder inside:(Documents and Settings\Local Settings....)
I would like all files to always go to the same custom folder.
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MichaelHildnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, there is no way to specify the installtion folder for a ClickOnce application. It's defined by the user's Documents and Settings folder. I've read that you can change the location of Documents and Settings, like to put on another drive, but haven't tried it.

Anyway, where ever Documents and Settings is, it gets placed under that, and they don't allow you the ability to specify a specific folder.

BiotechsAuthor Commented:
I see, thanks for your speedy followup!
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