Forcefully Decomission SBS 2003

I want to decommission my SBS 2003 and have a standalone Win 2003 DC and Exchange server.  I followed both parts of this guide:

So all operation master roles, GC, FSMO are transferred and my Exchange is running fine.  Now I need to remove SBS2003 off the DC list and it won't let me.  I tried running DCPROMO but it complains that it cannot contact any other DCs.  If I specify it's the last DC in the domain, it won't do it either.

Back on the new DC, I go into AD Users and Computers, right click on SBS2003 and try Delete.  I tried even the "This domain controllers is permanently offline and can no longer be demoted using Active Directory Installation Wizard (DCPROMO)" option, but I get an ACCESS IS DENIED.

Tried deleting it using NTDSUTIL and ADSIEDIT, ACCESS IS DENIED.  What the flop is going on?!  Please help!
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Have you made sure your old SBS server is now pointing its DNS to the new server?

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randy915Author Commented:
How ironic, I noticed this after I used LDP to remove the SBS entries and after rebooting as a member server I noticed the DNS was wrong.  I'm not quite sure if your solution would have solved my problem but it definitely would be one solution.

My question now is, what would you do now to make sure AD is completely clean?
Demote the DC..

if that fails, ADSIedit to remove all traces of the server, including all DNS entries.

Enjoy :)
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