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I'm new to Visual Basic version 6. I have been asked to create an executable that will select records from a sql2000 table. And based on a datatime field send records via HTTP. This job will be put in the system start task. It needs to check for these records based on a timing factor. The current vb6 has start and stop buttons which requires being logged on and remaining logged on. This job will  be running all the time. Any sugestion? Or even a different source than VB6?
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If you need the application to run continuously without the user being logged in, you can make your application a Windows Service. VB6 cannot create services. IIRC, there is a tool supplied, but not supported by Microsoft that will allow a VB6 app to run as a service. Sorry, it's been a while since I've looked into that.

Another option would be to use .NET, which can create services, or another language that can do the same.


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The tool Mike referred to is "srvany" documented here:


It is part of the "Windows NT Resource Kit," which is quite old now, but as of Windows XP srvany still works -- I'm not sure how it will fare on Vista.  Download it here:


PStiresAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,
I will recomend that we write it in .NET. I do not want to use a tool that is not supported.

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