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Delphi, OleVariant shows as Unknown type: 18928

I have an Activex component that I'm calling from Delphi, in VB the return value that i'm looking for is easy to read
Private Sub m_rs_onReportCreationNotification(ByVal repordId As String, orderIds() As String, examIds() As String, ByVal succeeded As Boolean)
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim order, exam As Variant
    Dim logorders, logexams, state As String
    For Each order In orderIds
       logorders = logorders + order + ", "

In Delphi

procedure TForm4.ReportStation1onReportCreationNotification(ASender: TObject;
  const a_sReportId: WideString; var a_asOrderIds, a_psExamIds: OleVariant;
  a_bSucceeded: WordBool);

The a_asOrderIds show as Variant Array of uknown.

How do I get to the values inside a_asOrderIds?

1 Solution
You might want to use VarCast()/VarCastOLE()/VariantToDynArrat()

VarToDynArray: procedure(var DynArray: Pointer; const V: Variant; TypeInfo: Pointer);
VarCast: procedure(var Dest: Variant; const Source: Variant; VarType: Integer);
VarCastOle: procedure(var Dest: Variant; const Source: Variant; VarType: Integer);

So something like(I have never actually tryed this):

var VAOrderIDS Array of String


Then access VAOrderIDS.

This is all in theory of course.

peterviauAuthor Commented:
Unfortunatly VarToDynArray is a free pascal function call, I did not find anything like it in Delphi.
Include Variants in your uses. I found it in delphi 7.
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ry this:

  if VarIsArray(a_asOrderIds) then
    for cnt := VarArrayLowBound(a_asOrderIds, 1) to VarArrayHighBound(a_asOrderIds, 1) do
      s := s + VarToStr(a_asOrderIds[cnt]);

peterviauAuthor Commented:
I ended up switching to Delphi .net, it allowed em to use array of string.

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