which IDE to use to develope GUI application for automated login and browsing a website

Hi experts!
I want to develop a GUI application/software that will login to a website with the given username and password and then click on some buttons and go to a new webpage, then fill up some forms and submit them to the website.
There are 2 important constraints to this-
1. Language/ IDE/library to use for GUI
2. Language like python, perl or php which is rich enough to provide functions/library to login through website, grab some pages, fill some forms and submit it back.

Initially I thought of PHP as the language due to its rich curl library. But if i go ahead with php, i could not figure out how to convert those .php files into a GUI application?
Scripting languages like php, perl, python have good libraries but are poor in GUI development.
Can someone suggest some IDE in which it is not too difficult to build a gui and also has rich library to implement functionalities mention in point 2 above.
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I'd go for a Java solution. But what you are talking about is an aplication and PHP can't do that since it's on a server. You could mabye get away with it if you ran a service on the server but I think that would be hard to accomplish. From personal experiense I would say Java or C#.
namo21Author Commented:
okay.......i undertand that i cannot bundle php to an application. what about python and  perl?
I know java but not gud enough to write application in that and i certainly dont know c#.
Lets just say if you know Java then it's no problem to learn C#, and I have no great knowledge about Perl or Phyton so I can't help you there. Mabye you know this: "Do Perl and Phyton run server side?". If they do then i dont think thats the way to go either... Mabye ASP. or something.

Mabye you could explain more what you want?
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namo21Author Commented:
actually, i want to develop an application which will post my bookmarks to social bookmarking websites like digg.com and others.
Ok uploading your own bookmarks from e.g. Internet Explorer or FireFox. This should be quite possible to do with PHP.

But it requires serverspace if it's to be availabel for others, or running an apache server on your own computer(WAMP server is a good alternative http://www.wampserver.com/en/) if only you need it.

But it also requires you to run it when you want to send out new bookmarks. If this isn't what you want the it either requires you to run an app on a server(can be a local Wamp server) or a service on the server which excutes the PHP files at intervals something like that.

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Also I found an example: http://www.faqs.org/docs/gazette/webapp3.html

Don't know if this is quite what you want but it's an intro into sql which you might need :)
Forced accept.

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